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Brenda's Top Business Tips

Different Types of Pavement Marking Material

Rene Elliott

Different types of marking materials have different levels of durability and special benefits for specific environments. Check out these pavement marking materials to decide which works well for your project.

Solvent-based markings

A majority of solvent-based markings have been banned because of having serious effects on the environment. However, there are compliant products that can be used for different purposes in Australia. It is wise to check with a skilled pavement painting manufacturer before you choose a solvent-based paint to use on your project to make sure you're using a compliant product. The main advantaged of solvent-based paint is that it does not freeze. You can comfortably use it even in colder weather. On the other hand, water-based markings break down in cold temperature, while oil-based markings are preferred because of their low cost and versatility. But because of environmental issues, water-based paints become the most reliable option.

Acetone-based marking

This type of marking works only in certain parts of Australia. The paint is ideal for parking garages and parking lots. You can apply the paint at lower temperatures as opposed to water-based paints. It is a great product to use in late fall and spring, and even in winter. However, it still has some limitations. The main disadvantage of acetone based paint is that you can only clean it up with an acetone solvent. The solvent is a bizarre waste, and you must dispose it carefully.

Epoxy paints

Epoxy was first discovered in the early 70s. The paint comprises of two ingredients as compared to conventional paint. Thanks to their durability, epoxy paints work well in traffic areas. It is more durable than the normal traffic marking paint. In addition, epoxy is resistant to abrasion and high impact, which makes it perfect to use on concrete surfaces. However, you have to prep the surface before you apply the paint. When epoxy reacts to the concrete, a chemical reaction occurs, bonding the two tightly. There are many epoxy line marking products on the market. For instance, the highway epoxy markings need some specialised and specific tools to apply on the road. This is because of the way the resin and catalyst are mixed at given ratios to form an epoxy coating. However, highway epoxies can only be used in highways, some parking garages, and possibly some parking lots. 

For help selecting the best option for you needs, work with a local supplier of line marking products.