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Brenda's Top Business Tips

Considerations Before Renting a Storage Unit

Rene Elliott

Self-storage units refer to rooms, containers or lockers that are rented out to people who need storage space. Once you rent the unit, you are the only person that can access it. Companies that operate such business either rent out on a short-term basis or provide long-term leases for people who prefer such arrangements. Below are a few tips to getting an excellent storage unit. 

What do you need to store?

This is the first question you need to ask yourself before renting out a storage unit. It will help you determine how much storage space you need. You also need to ask yourself if you plan on storing additional items in future. Ensure that you can access all items in the storage unit with ease. Some people rent very small units, which makes it difficult for them access items at the back. Do not fall into this trap.


Preferably, the storage unit should be within your area of residence so it is easy to access your items. It should also be conveniently located. You should find it easy to move items into and out of the storage unit. 


Below are some amenities that will determine whether you will rent the storage unit. 

  1. Security. You are better off with storage units located in a secure location. There should be guards onsite and CCTV cameras to deter thieves. If you are storing sensitive material, look for units that have alarm systems.
  2. Climate control. Furniture, metallic objects and paper could get damaged when left in damp environments. To protect such items, look for a unit with climate control.
  3. Unit interior. The storage unit should have ample lighting and shelves to make it easy for you to organise your items.
  4. Vehicle storage. Some storage units offer vehicle storage facilities to their tenants. They can store cars, bikes or recreation vehicles that are not in use.


You will pay more if the storage unit has extra amenities. However, to get a reasonable price you can rent the unit during off-peak seasons. Also, newly built units might be a bit cheaper as they are looking for new clients. Before making a decision, visit a few self-storage units and compare the pricing vis-a-vis the amenities offered.

Inquire on the terms of storage. For instance, what happens when you are late with rent? What kind of insurance is offered? What hours of the day is the area open?

When renting a storage unit, consider what you want to store, its location, the amenities offered and the cost.