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Brenda's Top Business Tips

Is an Isolated Transformer Right for Your Business?

Rene Elliott

If you are thinking of investing in a transformer for your business, you may want to consider the advantages that an isolated transformer will offer you. This type of transformer functions by transferring electric power from an AC source directly to one or multiple electrical devices. The transformer comprises two electromagnets, but since the electrical energy passing through them does not have any direct connection, your equipment will be detached from the main electrical activity. Hence, there is a balance of energy between your electrical equipment and the power source.

Before you go out and buy any transformer for your business, read the following information about a few of the ways that an isolated transformer will benefit your business.

Enhanced safety

A major reason why more and more business owners are choosing isolated transformers over their conventional counterparts is the increased safety that they provide. Since an isolated transformer will separate the powered electrical device from the source of energy, there is a minimal risk of electrocution due to the wiring having direct contact with each other. This characteristic is especially beneficial when your business works with sensitive electrical devices such as medical equipment, sound systems and so on that need to be handled manually when in operation.

Decreased noise

Unlike traditional transformers, the isolated variety employs independent Faraday shields that function to create a barrier against electric fields that could end up disrupting the flow of energy. These isolated Faraday shields reduce the electromagnetic noise that usually is generated when a transformer is in use. This characteristic makes isolated transformers ideal for any setting, especially when you are connecting them to laboratory equipment or in a computer lab. Additionally, if you have a recording studio, you will find that using an isolated transformer will diminish electrical buzzing, which can dramatically affect sound quality.

Diminished power surges

Although transformers work to ensure that you still have electrical energy during a blackout, it does not mean that they are immune to surges. Fortunately, you can reduce the risk of potential power surges by investing in an isolated transformer. Since these types of transformers will segregate the direct current from the energy source, there is a lower risk of spikes in the electrical current and subsequently a diminished occurrence of power surges.

While isolated transformers are beneficial for anyone that needs a backup power source for their business, it is still imperative to have a professional electrical contractor survey your building to determine what equipment will be best for your business.