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Brenda's Top Business Tips

What to Know About Steel Pier Underpinning Services

Rene Elliott

Underpinning services are an option for many homeowners who may experience foundation issues. These issues can be caused by soil shifts, erosion or natural disasters. When the damage occurs from these issues, the foundation is directly affected. If you are facing a foundation issue, then one option may be to go with steel piering. Here are a few things you need to know about steel piering and how this underpinning service can benefit you. Keep in mind that the piering option may be the primary option available to you if you live in waterfront properties or beach sand properties were the soil is more granular and loose.

Vertical Settlement

One of the main reasons that steel piering may be mentioned to you is to prevent or reduce further settlement. Vertical settlement can continue during construction or underpinning services. This can hinder the benefit of having the underpinning services and cause further damage to the foundation and home. With steel piering, the vertical settlement is greatly reduced. This prevents further damage to the foundation and allows a stabilised underpinning situation for the home.

Multiple Ground Conditions

When underpinning services begin, the options may come down to the type of soil under the foundation. For example, if you have rocky soil or dense soil, it may be easier to handle certain underpinning services. If you have very sandy soil, such as beach sand or waterfront sand, then the underpinning services may change drastically. With the use of steel piering, the underpinning can be done in any soil condition. This eliminates the guesswork of what options may work and gives you a soil foundation regardless of how the soil may shift.

Ongoing Stabilisation

Once the underpinning is done, you will still need to have repairs done to the home. The repairs may be to the windows, door frames, chimneys and basement areas. These repairs can be difficult depending on the level of foundation damage and shifting. The steel piers allow the construction and repair process to continue without further damage to the interior of the home and the walls of the home.  

After considering steel piering as an option, consider a second opinion from a qualified underpinning company like Jeffrey Hills and Associates. They can analyse the area to ensure that steel piering will work for you. They can also answer questions regarding construction time, pricing and if you can remain in the home during the construction services and piering placement.