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Brenda's Top Business Tips

Mining Operations: How to Promote Onsite Equipment Safety

Rene Elliott

The use of mining equipment is essential for ensuring quality production and promoting efficiency. However, like other heavy equipment, mining units can present significant risk on the worksite. If the usage of the assets is not managed properly through professional engineering services, the risk of injuries and other complications will be high. Therefore, if you are planning a mining or even a reclamation project, it is advisable to engage a contractor who offers engineering services for help. In addition, consider using these simple tips to promote safety through proper equipment use. 

Choose Suitable Equipment

It is important to acquire appropriate equipment for usage during your mining undertaking. One of the common causes of workplace incidents is the use of unsuitable machines. If the equipment is not compatible, there will be a higher risk of failure. This could result in breakdown during operations, exposing the workers to danger. Also, inappropriate equipment could compromise the worksite and make it more hazardous. In addition, the incompatibility will translate into reduced efficiency and higher expenses.

Maintain the Equipment

Proper maintenance of equipment is crucial for minimising the risk of failure and subsequent accidents. It is advisable to establish a strict schedule for servicing the machinery to ensure optimal performance and safety. In general, you will need to ensure that the pieces of equipment are clean. Accumulation of dirt in components will increase the rate of wear and even compromise safety. You should also plan for internal and external lubrication of moving components. Additionally, conduct a thorough inspection of the equipment. If there are anomalies, address the damage immediately.

Train the Employees

Mining equipment safety issues can be caused by the human aspect of the industrial project. In simple terms, if the workers on the site do not understand the proper practices for using the machinery, unfortunate incidents are bound to occur. Therefore, you should choose qualified and experienced operators for all the equipment. Also, consider training all employees on a regular basis to ensure that they are aware of proper conduct to uphold around dangerous heavy equipment.

Establish a Safety Plan

Finally, you should have a clear safety plan and clear guidelines on handling safety issues on the mining site. The issues that should be addressed in your plan include fire safety, electrical safety and fall incidents. It is also worthwhile to have a clear strategy for managing the movement and parking of the large machinery and vehicles on the worksite to avoid accidents due to poor logistics.