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Brenda's Top Business Tips

Are You in Need of a Wheelchair?

Rene Elliott

If you need a wheelchair to provide you with mobility, then the chair will be your nearly constant companion, and it is important that the chair is not only comfortable but that it can fulfil its role safely as well. When it is time to select your new wheelchair, there are a lot of factors that you will want to consider before you finally make a choice.  

Do you need a physical assessment?

Sometimes, before you purchase a wheelchair, it is necessary or advisable to undergo a physical assessment so that you know which features of the wheelchair will be most important to you. Even if no physical assessment is needed, it is still wise to take the time to think through all of your physical requirements  

Two factors that you will want to bear in mind are the following:

How mobile are you?

Obviously, if you are considering wheelchairs, then you will have limited mobility, but you must think about how you will get in and out of the wheelchair. Are you able to walk for short distances and sit down and rise unaided? Will you need to use a transfer board or receive other assistance to get in and out of the wheelchair? Will you, perhaps, need a hoist to access the chair? Each of these questions will have an impact on the design of the wheelchair you should buy. If you require a transfer board, then you should prioritise wheelchairs with removable armrests to accommodate the board. If you need to use a hoist, then you must look at wheelchairs which allow the hoist close enough to make the transfer.

What is your body shape?

Your height and weight will play a large role in picking your wheelchair. To be comfortable and safe, wheelchairs must provide support in all the right places, so examine the manufacturers' specifications carefully to determine which wheelchairs could be a good fit. You must support your spine and your legs so that the wheelchair is stable and you don't find it uncomfortable after a short while. You should also think about which areas of your skin are in contact with the chair and how much pressure is being applied. Poorly matched wheelchairs can often cause pressure ulcers to develop on elbows, forearms or shoulder blades if the pressure is not appropriately relieved.

To find out more about which wheelchairs could be right for you, speak to your nearest supplier.