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Brenda's Top Business Tips

Could your job benefit from using a ute crane?

Rene Elliott

Are you looking for an easy way to move large loads? Picking up heavy loads and transferring them manually is time-consuming and potentially dangerous for your employees. Having a crane that you can use to pick up and move loads safely is often essential but not always easy to achieve, especially in confined spaces or when you need to complete multiple lifts at different locations. Here are three advantages to owning a ute crane.

A ute crane saves space

A crane may save a lot of physical effort, but a fixed crane still takes up a lot of space, and in cramped locations, that can be a huge problem. Tower cranes can quickly consume all of your available space, leaving you a very restricted working area. In some cases, the situation is even worse and there is insufficient room to allow the building of a crane once all of the other necessary equipment is on-site. If the work requires a crane but there isn't space to erect one, then a ute crane or another type of mobile crane could be the perfect solution. You can drive it to the site, use it for a long as needed and drive it away again. Throughout the operation the ute crane will require little more space than the ute alone.  

A ute crane requires minimal set-up

When you want to use a tower crane, you need to allow quite a bit of time to erect and disassemble the crane. You need to bring the parts of the crane to the site and then assemble and test it before you are ready to start work. Since a ute crane is already installed in the back of the ute the set-up time of the job is substantially reduced. As long as the ground under the ute crane is stable, you have only to drive to the site and the crane is ready to start work almost immediately.

A ute crane can get the job done

Sometimes, people reject the idea of using a ute crane because they suspect that it won't be powerful enough to lift the loads that they need to be moved. While it is true that a ute crane may not have the same lifting capacity as a big tower crane, it is still capable of lifting almost anything that you might want to transfer. Speak to your supplier today and find out if a ute crane could be the solution for which you have been looking.