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Brenda's Top Business Tips

Protect Your Earthmoving Equipment: 4 Reasons Your Equipment Might Need Repairs

Rene Elliott

If you run a mining operation, you know how important it is to keep your earthmoving equipment in good working order. Equipment malfunctions can undermine operations. Malfunctions also increase the risk for work-related accidents and injuries. One way to prevent permanent malfunctions is to take care of repairs as soon as a problem arises. You'll find four common reasons why earthmoving equipment often requires repairs. 

Machinery Not Properly Lubricated

If you use earthmoving equipment on a daily basis, you need to worry about heat-related friction damage, especially if it's not properly lubricated. Earthmoving equipment is prone to heat damage caused by friction. Friction damage will undermine the structural integrity of your equipment and lead to a premature breakdown. Unfortunately, that means you'll need to replace your equipment long before its time. If your earthmoving equipment has sustained damage due to a lack of proper lubrication, it's important that you take care of the repairs as soon as possible.

Damage Caused by Rocks and Gravel Dust

Your earthmoving equipment is exposed to rocks, dirt, and gravel dust on a daily basis. Unfortunately, all of that debris can damage the seals and clog the filters. Over time, that exposure can destroy your equipment. If your earthmoving equipment has suffered significant damage due to exposure to dirt, rocks, or gravel dust, schedule repairs right away.

Maintenance Schedule Not Followed

If you purchased used earthmoving equipment, there's no way to tell if the maintenance schedule was followed. If it wasn't, you may be looking at the need for immediate repairs. Routine maintenance is designed to keep earthmoving equipment in good working order. If the equipment you purchased didn't come with a complete maintenance history, schedule a service appointment right away. If issues are discovered during the inspection, take care of repairs immediately.

Proper Operating Procedures Not Followed

If your earthmoving equipment has failed as a result of operator error, take care of the repairs as soon as you can. Operator error can lead to a variety of issues relating to your earthmoving equipment. Some of those issues include broken belts and damaged hydraulic systems. If those issues arise, your equipment won't operate properly, which could lead to accidents and injuries. To prevent additional problems, always take care of repairs before continued use.

Don't take chances with your earthmoving equipment. If you experience any of the problems described above, call for earthmoving equipment repairs. Without timely repairs, your equipment may suffer a catastrophic breakdown.