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Brenda's Top Business Tips

How Much Will You Pay for Patio Construction?

Rene Elliott

Although some people are under the impression that residential patio construction comes with the sole benefit of providing outdoor living space, this is not the only advantage of investing in this project. What you may be surprised to find out is that hiring patio contractors for this project will also bolster the value of your home, so you can expect to make a profit from the resale value of the property down the road. Another benefit of investing in a patio for your property is that it makes your yard more usable, as the patio will be multifunctional.

Even with all these benefits, you could be thinking that hiring patio contractors for this project could be beyond your budget, but this is not necessarily true. Certainly, patio construction can run anywhere from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars. To determine if you can afford this home improvement investment, you need to consider the various elements that can factor into the final cost. Keep reading to have an idea of how much money you can expect to pay for patio construction.

What flooring materials will you choose for the patio?

Patio flooring works to demarcate the size of the patio, and it is also tasked with providing a level surface where you can place your outdoor furniture so that you can use this living area. So while the size of the patio will factor into the flooring cost, as these materials are usually charged per square foot or square metre, you should know that the supplies the patio builders use will make up a considerable chunk of your flooring expenses.

To keep the residential patio construction costs as affordable as possible, you could choose plain concrete supplies, as they are the cheapest option in the market. You can then invest in an epoxy finish down the road once you have more financial flexibility. If your budget is not a problem, you can choose flooring materials that will elevate the visual appeal of the patio while providing you with a durable surface — for example, natural stone supplies such as sandstone pavers, travertine pavers and more.

Will the patio be on the ground or raised?

If this structure is going to be constructed directly on the ground, the patio builders will be free to use flooring supplies. However, if your property is on a slope and you want to have a patio constructed, the best option to keep your costs manageable would be to install a deck. Certainly, the patio builders could embark on land clearing, excavation and levelling to create an even lot for the patio. Nonetheless, these additional measures will not only take time but will increase your labour costs too. If you choose deck installation, you should know that composite decking is more resilient than its hardwood counterpart is, so this would be a great option for your patio.