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Brenda's Top Business Tips

3 Reasons For Hiring a Town Planner When Investing in Gated Communities

Rene Elliott

Gated communities are the way to go for modern real estate investors. There is an urgent need to move away from the ordinary construction of apartments and pave way for inclusive gated communities in today's towns. Ordinarily, a gated community refers to an extensive estate with state-of-the-art housing and other amenities like shopping malls, schools, hospitals and playing grounds. If you have the resources to carry out such a project, a town planner will help you come up with a sustainable project. The following discussion outlines the reasons you should engage a town planner when investing in a gated community:

You Have a Blueprint for Growth

Most urban centres in the world witness a rapid increase in population as years pass. This explains the shortage of quality housing, traffic issues and inadequate amenities because the available resources cannot meet the demands imposed on them. On that note, population growth should take precedence when you want to invest in a gated community. Town planners have access to information such as the population in the locality and its rate of growth. They are in a good position to help you come up with a gated community that anticipates the needs of the inhabitants for the next couple of years. As the years pass, you can expand driveways, sewer lines, water, and power supply lines to meet the needs of your clients without major demolition and restructuring. 

You Will Balance Your Project Goals  

The idea of a gated community revolves around having many facilities under one roof. This means that you have to align the social, economic, and environmental objectives so that you don't give up one component for the other. For instance, you can prioritise a mall for its monetary benefits at the expense of leaving enough space for stormwater drainage. In the end, you will have a highly profitable mall and a flooded project when the rains come. Town planners are experts at assessing the impact of various project objectives and help you to balance between profitability and sustainability. 

You Will Reduce the Cost of Maintenance 

Most residential projects are expensive to maintain because there is a lot of emphasis on reacting to challenges rather than anticipating them. For instance, building windbreaks in the initial phases certainly costs less than completing the whole project, facing destruction by strong winds, and carrying out repairs. Ideally, engaging a town planner opens the door for other expertise that prepares you for adversity rather than waiting to react to it.  

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