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Brenda's Top Business Tips

Three Reasons to Put Down Sawdust in Your Chicken Coop

Rene Elliott

It's important to choose the right bedding material for your chicken coop floor. You want to keep your chooks comfortable without having to put too much work in yourself.

Sawdust is one option here. What are the benefits of using it for you and your chickens?

1. Get Bedding That Lasts Longer

To keep your chickens happy and healthy, you need to provide dry and clean bedding. This isn't always easy with some materials.

For example, if you use straw, it will mat up quickly. It's not as absorbent as some materials, so you'll have to change it more frequently.

Sawdust deals with coop conditions better. It dries out quickly and absorbs droppings into itself. It won't mat up or stick to the floor and sides of the coop.

So, sawdust lasts for longer before it needs changing. It's also easy to just shovel it out of the coop and put down a new layer; you won't need to scrape clumps off the floor or walls.

2. Get a Fresher Smelling Coop

If you don't use the right kind of bedding in your coop, then it may start to smell bad pretty quickly. You'll be able to smell it from a distance.

This may also be a problem for your neighbours. They might not mind you keeping chooks, but they don't want to smell them in their garden or home.

Sawdust has a pleasant woody smell. If you use an aromatic product, like pine sawdust, then you can get a stronger aroma that masks chicken smells.

Plus, sawdust's natural absorbency sucks in droppings and reduces that ammonia smell they can produce. It gives you natural and effective odour control.

3. Create a Dust Bath for Your Chickens

Chickens are adept at taking dry baths to keep themselves in good nick. They fluff materials like dust into their feathers to clean themselves up.

These dry baths also help keep parasites and insects off your chooks. This reduces the chances of them getting sick.

Not all bedding materials work here. Materials with large or long pieces, like straw, don't work as well as bedding composed of smaller particles. Sawdust is perfect for this job. Your chickens won't have any problems using it for dry baths.

It's important to choose sawdust that is safe for animal use. For example, it's a good idea to avoid products that are made from treated woods. A de-dusted product also keeps dust in the coop at appropriate levels. To find out more, ask a sawdust supplier for advice.