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Brenda's Top Business Tips

The world of business is interesting but it can also be very difficult to understand, particularly if you are just starting out. When I was just starting out, I was super confused by what I saw and heard. Thankfully, I had some friends who were experienced business managers. They gave me lots of fantastic advice and guidance as I prepared to start my new business. I have yet to start my new business venture but I now feel confident enough to share what I have learnt about business development. I hope you like this blog and that it helps you navigate the world of business.


Brenda's Top Business Tips

  • Factors affecting the cost of vehicle signage

    12 November 2018

    One of the most effective, yet underutilised advertising channels is vehicle signage. Vehicle signs are the workhorses that drive impressions and new leads for your business. In fact, they work 24/7 to expose your company to a wider audience. If you're looking to brand your vehicle, you may be wondering how much you can expect to spend on vehicle signs. There are many different factors that affect vehicle signage, from the type of graphics you use to the type of vehicle itself.

  • 3 Reasons For Hiring a Town Planner When Investing in Gated Communities

    9 November 2018

    Gated communities are the way to go for modern real estate investors. There is an urgent need to move away from the ordinary construction of apartments and pave way for inclusive gated communities in today's towns. Ordinarily, a gated community refers to an extensive estate with state-of-the-art housing and other amenities like shopping malls, schools, hospitals and playing grounds. If you have the resources to carry out such a project, a town planner will help you come up with a sustainable project.

  • Considerations Before Renting a Storage Unit

    6 November 2018

    Self-storage units refer to rooms, containers or lockers that are rented out to people who need storage space. Once you rent the unit, you are the only person that can access it. Companies that operate such business either rent out on a short-term basis or provide long-term leases for people who prefer such arrangements. Below are a few tips to getting an excellent storage unit.  What do you need to store?

  • Different Types of Pavement Marking Material

    9 October 2018

    Different types of marking materials have different levels of durability and special benefits for specific environments. Check out these pavement marking materials to decide which works well for your project. Solvent-based markings A majority of solvent-based markings have been banned because of having serious effects on the environment. However, there are compliant products that can be used for different purposes in Australia. It is wise to check with a skilled pavement painting manufacturer before you choose a solvent-based paint to use on your project to make sure you're using a compliant product.